Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There Are Moments

There are moments in every relationship that you don't ever want to forget. And last night I had one.

I was cooking dinner and I had my iPhone playing some music... And the moment Handsome walked into the kitchen, my phone turned to "She's Got A Way" by Billy Joel (which is one of my favorite songs) and at the same moment the sun broke through the clouds and lit up my kitchen like a lantern.

Handsome turned me around, put his feet under mine, and we danced.

Kitchen aglow. Dinner cooking. iPhone playing. And we danced. We giggled and smiled for what we did was silly. But it meant everything.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Long Awaited House!!

Built in 1946. Captured our hearts in 2010.

You know that saying "We came, we saw, we conquered" ? Yeah, it was kind of like that. But not.

This house was one we had seen on the market for a long while, but were distracted by other more *appealing* homes. Meaning, they had curb appeal and then you go see it and is surrounded by junkers. And when the house we initially wanted sold, we figured "Eh, its worth a look!" Little did we know that certain features would sell us instantly... Like only a 20 minute drive to work when we estimated we'd drive a full 45-60 minutes to obtain a house on nice property.

We sat in the car waiting for his agent and Handsome turns to me and says, "Do you think you could live here for the rest of your life?"

*Inside Squeel!* Nothing makes a girl happier than to know your man is really thinking about the rest of his life... with you.

After Nichole (agent) arrived, it only took us 20 minutes to fall in love with the house. Handsome scowered the house, practically sprinting from room to room. He was kind of making me laugh because I simply could not keep up with the man! I took pictures. Because we all know that pictures on real estate websites can be deceiving and just show the pretty parts of the house.
Although these pictures are not much and definitely don't have my things in it, the house has a certain potential. Nothing absolutely needs immediate attention, but there is lots that could be done. So much potential. :) Its like a kid with a gift of playing piano. Just give the house a piano and make it play for hours on end. Except the piano is us and we will play the house! Ha!
Front room- It has an old fireplace behind that back wall that we may re-install at some point.

Dining Room- Just needs paint.

Kitchen-Needs much work (in my eyes...)

Master bedroom-Needs a major paint job.

Guest bedroom- This house is so... WHITE

Bathroom- This pic looks nicer than it actually is. We want to put a large bathtub in it as well as a walk in shower.

Pic of the property. These stalls will become Kennels for the dog(s).

Home sweet home. :)
 So many plans for our home. Can't wait to start working on this. Closing date is January 17th and we will be moving on Patrick's birthday, January 20th. :) Any and all help/company is welcome!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A List of To-Do's

There comes a point in life, or in any journey where you're like "Crap! I have shizz to handle!" This whole house buying thing has been... stressful and now... we get to reap the benefits if we push just a little bit more (metaphor to my workout life?... I hate it when I do that to myself) . And now that I'm getting really excited, I'm starting to lose my head! Time for this little OCD'er to make a ton of lists that I will likely never fully check off! ;)

To Do:
1. Find a House.  Check!
2. Make an offer on the house. Check!
3. Home Inspection. Check!
4. Appraisal Check!
5. Well Inspection Check!
6. Pack
7. Clean the new house (because it seriously needs it)
8. Move

Yes. That is how quickly its coming. A month from yesterday, we will be moving into the country!!! "Movin to the countree, gon eat me lotta peaches."

And my personal list of to-do's grows daily:
1. Design my house
2. Paint colors
3. Sigh <3
4. Fall in love with more paint colors
5. Convince Handsome of my brilliance

Feel free to give me your opinions!

For the bathroom (color scheme... Right now the bathroom is painted a light blue, with white fixtures)

And for the kitchen (right now the kitchen is white, with gray speckled counter tops and black appliances) oh! (and eventually this color will have to go with some rustic touches, like a copper sink and wrought iron hardware):

I'd really have to pull the whites etc into this. But I love the blue!
 Any takers? :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things that Kept Me Sane

I really admire military wives. I mean, Handsome and I are spending only two weeks apart. And I just cannot imagine the amount of trust and detatchment and courage it would take to spend your nights alone for months or years while your husband or wife are in a place you cannot go and they could possibly lose their life in. Now, don't get me wrong. I cannot even come close to comparing my term to those men and women. But this stuff is hard... I am CLEARLY not cut out to be a military wife.

"Long distance is the wrong distance, Sue." - Liz Lemon, 30 Rock.

I'm not sure if I'll ever know if Handsome enjoyed this, but one thing I did while he was gone was email him. Every single night before bed, I sent him an email about my day and tried to include pictures of everything. Which consequently resulted in me taking pictures of things... I probably wouldn't capture otherwise. Like this, for example: 
Why? No one knows. Weird? Yes.

Bunny Story (my version of Side Story and Rabbit Trail): When Handsome first moved in, he made this hilariously large deal over this silly body pillow he has... and loves. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted him to snuggle up to me in bed or maybe it was that I already barely get enough room to sleep in our King sized bed or maybe it was that I just watched a 30 Rock where James Franco had a "real" relationship with a body pillow.... In either case, I really didn't want his dumb body pillow in my bed. -I promise, this story will really tie back into my original post- He kept asking me to remind him to grab the body pillow every time we went to his Grandparents' house.... And I would always *accidentally* forget to remind him. Well, once he actually moved in, there was no avoiding this body pillow. Turns out, him sleeping with it would actually keep him on his side of the bed! And I would actually get some sleep!
About when Handsome was leaving for Dubai he asks sarcastically, "You think you'll sleep with the body pillow?" Of course not! The body pillow conversation was pretty much an all the time deal.
In my first email to Handsome on the first night he was gone the following was included: "I miss and love you babe. PS. Yes, I will probably sleep with the body pillow tonight. No, I probably won't admit it to you tomorrow."

Emails. Emails really kept me sane. It certainly helped me feel like I wasn't missing anything in telling him what was going on with me.

Plans. I constantly was making plans for what I'd do for him when he came home. :) I made brownies, and had muffin batter ready for when he came home. I cleaned his truck and washed everything in his gym bag.

Cleaning. I got all of my odd jobs done around the house.

Girlfriends. I spent sometime with my yoga bff, Mona.

Yoga. Yoga and the gym really. I kept VERY busy working on my body and my endurance. I can't wait to get back to a regular yoga/gym schedule, however.

Anticipation. Yeah, it was easy to miss him. :)
Sushi date after he came home.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Housing Gods & My Apartment

So, a few days before Handsome left for Dubai we find out that the house we are (regretably) in love with had an offer on it and it has been accepted. The Housing Gods were certainly laughing in our general direction.

BUMMER! We decide it's not that big of a deal because: Another one will come along that we love even more. Wrong. We decided to websurf. Everything out there with property are wood cabins. No joke. C'mon people! I want a house! Correction: We want a house but HE will take a wood cabin type house. Bleck!

So, we did the one thing we were told not to: We fell in love. And yes, the heart break does hurt. Because you start imagining yourself living the rest of your life in a place and you begin to think of ALL the projects you could find in that place. Or like me, you start decorating the whole place in your mind.

In light of losing a house I could imagine making perfect, I had to take tons of photos to remember my apartment by. I love it here, and nothing but real love would get me to move. The opportunity had to make it worth it... And living in the country in a country home with the man of my dreams, was it.

Top things I will miss:
1. Window sills large enough for Binx to sit on
2. The porch garden
Okay yes my tomatoes are about gone
3. The way the leaded windows beam squares of sunlight onto my pillowcases around 10am
4. The butler's pantry
5. Taking a bath in my cast iron bathtub every night
6. The view of the maple trees that line the street in Autumn
Goodbye my sweet sweet old apartment. I will always love you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handsome Left on An Airbus

That's right. That's what I was singing on my way home from taking handsome to the airport... "Handsome lefffffft on an Airbus, except he'll be back November 13thhhhhhhh"

We were trying to figure out how his work Blackberry works... We're both iPhone users. Our coffee tasted like cardboard..
Getting on his first International Flight. Yes, I'm jealous he's going without me.
And so I went home, just to grab my gym bag and I saw this:

This is so annoying but so cute at the same time. I'm almost tempted to leave the sock there so I remember that I do have him coming back to me. Nahhh... I'll just have the house spick and span before he comes home! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

13 Things I Love About Binx

Binx is our 3 year old black cat who is a MAJOR momma's boy. These are things I love about him:
1. He's a Sex Panther
2. He never resists the urge to make a pool of catnip to get stoned.
3. He can find the perfect place to snuggle.
4. He plays Hide & Go Seek.
5. He likes Chives. A lot.
6. He sleeps like an otter.
7. He has a tower.
8. He lives up to the stellar black cat reputation. Black cat stretch and all.
9. He NEVER hesitates to meow in my ear when he needs something. And continues to do so until I give it to him.
10. He tests your bathwater to make sure it's safe.

11.  He is always deep in thought.
12. He could run for President.

13. He is the master of disguise.

This is serious stealth mode.